Managed Security Services

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Managed Security Services: Shield Your Data from All Cyberthreats

We’ve never lived in a time where cyberthreats and hackers have been more prevalent than they are now. Business owners need to take their cybersecurity seriously and stay on top of it at all times. That in itself is a full-time job, and isn’t having to run a business enough work on its own? When you choose Nitor’s managed security services, we can take your cybersecurity responsibilities off of your plate. Our cybersecurity services can get you protected from any threat your systems may face, whether it’s ransomware, phishing, stolen passwords, or any other type of attack.

Our managed security services provide you with all of the security tools and solutions you need to stay protected from the threats targeting your business. We make sure your data is backed up, so it’s easily retrievable if you ever face a disaster, find the weak spots in your infrastructure, protect your employees’ devices against threats and more. Change the way you tackle your workday by protecting your business online.

managed security services

Put us on the front lines of your biggest security battles.

Our Managed Security Services Include:

managed security services

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your data is the pulse of your success. How long could your business last if it were compromised in a breach or natural disaster? With our data backup & disaster recovery services, you don’t have to worry about that. Find out how we can help.
managed security services

Cyber Security Consultant

There are so many layers to protecting your business online. What’s the best way to protect your data from cyberthreats? How do you know which parts of your system are vulnerable? What do you need to double down on? We answer all of your biggest security questions.
managed security services

Security Risk Assessment

Sometimes you can do everything right and think you have all the proper security protocols in place and it turns out there was a vulnerability somewhere you didn’t think to look. Don’t worry – our security risk assessment helps you see exactly where your security could use some work.
managed security services

Wireless & Endpoint Security

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever before. Employees can take their productivity on the go and get work done from anywhere at any time. This is great, but only if the devices they’re using are protected. We’ll keep you covered from A to Z.

With Our Managed Security Services Your Business Gets:

  • Iron-Clad Protection
  • Improved Credibility
  • Risk Training
  • Enhanced Continuity

Looking for more IT services?

managed security services

Managed IT Services

We maintain your infrastructure, so your technology supports your daily operations.
cybersecurity solutions

Cloud Managed Services

Streamline your communication and collaboration by moving to the cloud. We make your migration seamless.
cybersecurity solutions

IT Consulting Services

Whether you need to upgrade your entire infrastructure or have a special project you need help with, our experts are in your corner.
cybersecurity solutions

IT Staffing Services

When you need a position filled or extra technology support, we work with you to find the best talent possible to fit your needs and expectations.

It’s time to give your business the
online protection it deserves.