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Cloud Managed Services Enable Innovation

We live in the age of cloud computing, and your business no longer needs to be tied down to physical servers. Sometimes storing data on physical servers can be expensive to maintain and manage for certain companies, and they lack the flexibility and scalability you need to grow. Cloud managed services allow your business to reap the benefits of modern IT.

Our cloud managed services are designed to help you reduce IT costs and improve your productivity, communication and collaboration. We make finding the right cloud solution for your business a breeze by providing public, private and hybrid solutions. From there, we make sure storing your data on the cloud is a secure and straightforward process, and help your team increase their flexibility and mobility with remote work solutions. Leave your migration and deployment concerns to Nitor and make your move to the cloud as seamless as possible.

cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

It’s time to make the move.

Our Cloud Managed Services Include:

cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

Businesses are migrating their data to the cloud to stay competitive but knowing what type of cloud solution you need can be tricky without an expert. We’re here to help you figure out if you need a public, private or hybrid cloud solution.
cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

VDI Solutions

Your team needs remote access to their workstations to keep up with their to-do list on the go. Our team helps them enter the digital workspace with ease through our VDI solutions and manages and maintains things on the backend.
cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

Cloud Storage

How you store your data is critical to the success of your business. It has to be accessible, secure and backed up. Find out how we maintain and manage your data with our cloud storage solutions.
cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

Software Audits

Your software is important and impacts how efficiently your team can work. But did you know your software has certain licenses you need to protect your business from getting fined? We’ll perform an audit to make sure you’re covered.

With Our Cloud Managed Services Your Business Gets:

  • Remote Access to Your Data
  • Lower Overhead Costs
  • Improved Communications
  • Enhanced Collaboration

Looking for more IT services?

cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

Managed IT Services

We maintain your infrastructure, so your technology supports your daily operations.
cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

Managed Security Services

We’ll take the burden of guarding your business online and fight your biggest security battles for you.
cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

IT Consulting Services

Whether you need to upgrade your entire infrastructure or have a special project you need help with, our experts are in your corner.
Cloud Managed Services Winston-Salem North Carolina

IT Staffing Services

When you need a position filled or extra technology support, we work with you to find the best talent possible to fit your needs and expectations.

The future of your communication is in the cloud.
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