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At Nitor Solutions, we are a group of seasoned IT experts who set companies up to not only succeed but thrive with the power of cutting-edge technology. From North Carolina to Tennessee, we strive to provide the region’s best IT support and solutions. Whether you need to set up an entire IT infrastructure or get a customized solution for a special project, we are here to help 

About Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem is a vibrant city in North Carolina known for its rich history, blending the charm of the Old South with a thriving arts and innovation scene. It’s famous for its tobacco and textile heritage and being home to Wake Forest University.

Rich History

Winston-Salem boasts a rich history deeply rooted in the tobacco and textile industries, with iconic companies like R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company calling the city home. The Moravian settlers’ influence is also evident in its historic district of Old Salem, preserving the traditions and architecture of the past.
it support winston-salem
it support winston-salem

Things to Do

In Winston-Salem, visitors can delve into the city’s rich Moravian heritage by visiting Old Salem and experiencing life as it was in the 18th century. Additionally, art aficionados can explore the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) to discover cutting-edge contemporary artworks in a beautiful setting. 

Notable Individuals

Winston-Salem has produced a number of notable individuals, including Maya Angelou, the iconic author, poet and civil rights activist, whose literary contributions continue to inspire generations. The city is also the hometown of Chris Paul, the accomplished NBA basketball player and philanthropist known for his skill on the court and his commitment to community development.

Communities We Serve:

Nitor Solutions has served businesses with professional IT support in Winston-Salem and beyond for over 15 years. We also serve other areas including: 

  • North Carolina:
  • South Carolina:
    • Greenville
    • Columbia
    • Charleston
  • Texas:
    • Houston
    • Dallas
  • Tennessee:
    • Nashville
    • Knoxville

If you’re looking for end-to-end IT services, look no further than Nitor Solutions! 


Industries We Serve:

Nitor Solutions provides extensive IT support in these areas: 

To better understand how our IT services can address your unique business needs, let’s start a discussion. Contact us, and discover how we can take your tech to the next level. 

Introducing Our IT Solutions and Services:

Our array of cutting-edge and personalized IT solutions and services encompasses:
it support winston-salem

Managed IT Services

it support winston-salem

Network Design & Installation

it support winston-salem

Storage & Data Center Solutions

it support winston-salem

IT Helpdesk Support

it support winston-salem

Verkada – Physical Security

it support winston-salem

Cloud Managed Services

it support winston-salem

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

it support winston-salem

VDI Solutions

cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

Cloud Storage

cloud managed services Winston-Salem North Carolina

Software Audits

it solution provider Winston-Salem North Carolina

Managed Security Services

managed security services Winston-salem North Carolina

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

managed security services Winston-salem North Carolina

Cyber Security Consultant

managed security services Winston-salem North Carolina

Security Risk Assessment

managed security services Winston-salem North Carolina

Wireless & Endpoint Security

it solution provider Winston-Salem North Carolina

IT Consulting Services

it solution provider Winston-Salem North Carolina

IT Staffing Services

When you partner with Nitor, you get access to a highly skilled team that manages your technology to align seamlessly with your business objectives.

For more information on our services or to discuss your needs, contact us today. Let’s start a conversation about how we can support your business’s IT needs.

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